A Few Things You Should Know About Web Design

How much do you know about web design? If you are thinking of creating your own website, you should go over this article for some useful tips.

Web design is accessible to anyone, as long as you are ready to commit and learn a language such as HTML. Mastering HTML should not take you more than six months and you will know everything you need to create a basic website. If you want to create a slightly more complex site with for instance an interactive interface, you should look into learning other languages, including PHP, Java script, Python or Flash. These languages are more complex and can take years to really master. Think of your site as an ongoing project and put some time aside to keep learning new languages. You can learn everything through books, online tutorials or you could sign up for classes. If you need to launch your site right away, create a very simple one and plan on creating a better version once you are ready.

A quality website should have a simple design. A complex design will distract visitors, make it hard for search engine spiders to go through your content and it will be difficult to update and make changes to your site if your design is not basic. Choose a simple color pattern, set a color for your background and create different boxes for your elements. You can personalize your design by creating borders that contrast with your background and creating a noticeable menu. Pay attention to small details such as changing the color of the links that have been visited, the tags of your headings and the position of your pictures. These details will make your site easy to navigate. Do not launch your website until you test it with different browsers and resolutions. Ask some friends to give you feedback about your design before you make your site public.

If you do not want to design your site by yourself, you should consider hiring a professional web designer. Do not hire anyone before you see their portfolio and agree on a price. If you cannot afford a web designer, create a blog and personalize your template as much as possible. Some web hosting services allow you to create your website from scratch thanks to a site-building tool. These plugins are easy to use and allow you to create a basic but personalized design. Site-building tools and blogs are a good option if you cannot design your own site or hire a professional, but most visitors will realize that your site is based on a template. Besides, you might find yourself limited by the features offered by blogging platforms and site-building tools.

You should now have a better idea of what you need to do to create a quality design for your site. Learning about web design can take some time, but you should really consider launching a simple blog or site based on a template to get started with your project.

Web Design SEO: Strategies For Competitive SEO

If you are new to SEO, you may need to understand a few basic concepts before you can move ahead. Website ranking is the way search engines rate websites, and this decides the placement order for websites when a keyword search is conducted relevant to the content on these sites.

More visitors means higher ranking, hence the need to attract online visitors. Page rank also goes up if visitors spend longer time on your site. Your visitors are likely to return to your site again and again if the content on your site is of high quality.

Blogs are an excellent means of improving your SEO. You may start a blog where you talk about your business, or you could start participating in blogs that discuss similar products, services or practices. Blogs are regularly updated and generally build up a readership, where these people visit the blogs, read the content and write comments. All these communicate positively to search engines resulting in improved website ranking. Adding links that connect your blog to other websites is very important for SEO.

Meta tags provide a brief introduction of your site when it features in a keyword search. You can use Meta tags successfully by creating unique tags for each page on your website, because identical ones for various pages of text will result in the pages being considered identical by search engines, thus lowering your site ranking.

Using a shared server can be risky, particularly, if you share your proxy with a website which is banned or considered suspicious by search engines. This can lower your website’s online traffic as it reduces its possibility of appearing in keyword searches.

Another very effective way of improving your search engine ranking for your website with modest efforts is to purchase an established domain name. If the domain name has been in existence for two years or more, it automatically receives a higher ranking. To search for such a domain, look online for dropped domain names and then review them for a good match with your needs.

One of the most important qualities of a highly ranked website, is that it should be easy to read and navigate. Review your website design and make sure that it is simple and useful, includes convenient accessibility options and allows the font to be made bigger. The site design should not only be user friendly, it should also be search engine friendly.

How do you know when your website rating goes up or down? Alexa or your Google toolbar will tell you how your page has been ranked.

These are some very valuable tips and your website rankings will show remarkable improvement after you start implementing these strategies. Just remember that search engine algorithms change continually, and what works today, may not work tomorrow. To stay ahead of your competitors, keep yourself updated about what is new and happening in the SEO industry. If in doubt though, always consult with a reputable web design company.

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Top Four Fundamentals Of Successful Web Design

It is never enough to just have a solid website design. To get the attention of your target audience, you must add as many interactive features as is feasible without cluttering up the site. There are a number of interactive features you can decide to integrate into the design of your website that can entice your visitors. This article is designed to provide you with an overview of the top interactive functions your website needs to have.

If you have a blog, which you should, it is important to use promotion tools on your site. On your website, display recent and newly added blog posts. This type of cross promotion leads visitors to your blog. When people visit your blog and like what they see, they will return to your blog, and often to your website as well. Display excerpts of popular and recent blog posts on the front page of your main website. If your blog posts appear interesting and are on-topic, your visitors will check out your blog

In addition to articles on your blog, adding articles and extra information directly on your website is often a successful strategy. These articles allow visitors to comment, share opinions, and hopefully share the content on social networking websites. The feedback you receive helps you understand your audience and gives your audience a method of interacting with you. Allowing commenting seems like a small thing, but this is highly valued by website visitors.

Newsletters are an important part of web design. Include a place at the top of the main page of your website for visitors to sign up for your newsletter. This allows you to collect the email address of those who are interested in your website. Also, sending an engaging newsletter on a regular basis brings visitors back to your site and your blog. Note that it is also important to give subscribers the option to opt out if they wish. If a subscriber does opt out, respect their choice. Webmasters who do not honor a subscriber’s wish to opt out are risking bad press.

Feedback forms are a common feature of websites. Although web design has significantly evolved, a simple feedback form still has a lot of value. If you do it right, this form can allow your visitors to let you know about any problems they are having as well as provide positive feedback. Take any negative feedback as constructive criticism, as this can be extremely helpful to you as a webmaster. Use a drop down feature or radio buttons to improve the functionality of your feedback form.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to improve the interactivity of your website and make it more visitor friendly. Try each of the suggestions you just read about. See how they make a difference in engaging your visitors and encouraging repeat hits. By designing a website with a number of simple, yet effective interactive features, you are on your way to enjoying an extremely successful and lucrative website.

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5 Reasons Why WordPress Is a Good Choice for Your Web Design Project

Having a website is a necessity for almost every organization. With recognition more efficiently promoted and facilitated with a website, corporate entities up to sole entrepreneurs aim to have a professional web development service to come up with a website of their own. Another great benefit to having a business website is that it gives businesses the chance to achieve not just local, but global brand establishment. For this reason, business owners hire a web development firm to create a website that they can easily manage and update with content related to their services and products.

Among the many different content management software options used in professional web development today, WordPress has been the most preferred by many different web development companies and business owners, and here are a few reasons why:

1. WordPress Has An Established History

Professional web development and WordPress go way back. Since this CMS was introduced in 2003, the world of web development has taken great strides and other content management tools have become extinct. To date, WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world. Even non-blogging websites choose WordPress as the preferred platform.

2. WordPress Is An Intuitive Content Management Software

Unlike other blogging platforms and software, WordPress may be a smarter choice, with intuitive and user-friendly content updating tools. When using WordPress for daily tasks, you need not be a programmer, coder, or an expert in web design; in fact, you can handle updating on your own with its convenient interface that allows you to edit every page in your website. WordPress fosters independence. As your preferred web development firm undertakes your website development in Austin or elsewhere, you can experience a smooth transition to maintaining your new website.

3. It Is Based on Widely Supported Technologies

WordPress is based on PHP technology, which is used by over 80% of the websites today. Along with this, WordPress also allows for more flexibility in terms of creating your own taxonomies, custom post types, and metadata. This CMS allows you to add customizations and additional features easily with the help of any PHP programmer.

4. It Is Portable

Hundreds of web hosts support WordPress and it’s common technology requirements, so website owners can feel confident in finding a home for their new WordPress-driven site. Considering this portability, you can create possibly all the websites you need: from personal blogs, to business websites, photoblogs, portfolios and more, using WordPress as your platform. Simply communicate your interest in WordPress support to your web hosting company.

5. WordPress is Customizable in Every Aspect

Your WordPress site can be extended with hundreds of other plugin software, customizing your WordPress site to adapt to your preferences is easy. While it has default themes for you to choose from, it is possible to fully custom theme the website. An experienced web designer can help you turn your custom branded vision into compatible theme templates. Even plugins and forms can be customized with a unique design.

Freelance Web Design Jobs! Creating WordPress Themes

The usages of internet is growing fast. The demand for creating dynamic websites is also increased. There are plenty of web development languages to create dynamic websites.

PHP has become popular server site scripting language and now it is most widely used programming language for web development. Different CMS(Content Management Systems) come into existence with help of PHP. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are examples of CMS that are made with help of PHP.

WordPress is popular blogging platform which is created in PHP. With help of WordPress, you can create your own blog though you don’t have any programming skill. You can create any type of CMS with help of WordPress. It is open Source CMS which is based on PHP.

So there is always a demand for Skilled PHP coders and freelance web designer for WordPress customization work and other content management systems. Many website owners need custom design for their new blog. WordPress Customization and CMS customization in a new field in the area of web development.

So if you are a creative designer and want to take part in this new web development field then you must learn PHP and learn how to create custom themes for WordPress. Plenty of online tutorials are available on “how to create a WordPress theme” or “how to convert PSD to a WordPress theme”. It is just like converting PSD to HTML or creating a custom website design for a static website. Only difference is that you will convert your PSD to a PHP file which will be used as Custom Design for blog. Drupal and Joomla are also theme based CMS’s that need Web Site Design work.

Do Follow Blogs – 10 “Do Follow” Blogs For Web Design Professionals

This Article is a great resource for web deign professionals looking to improve their page rank and includes a list of Friendly “Do Follow” Blogs. These blogs are generally geared toward graphic and web design and I have used each of these to learn more about the field of design.


I created this list of Do Follow Blogs because I was tired of coming across really bad examples of the infamous do follow blog list. Many of the example sites out there with do follow blogs or commenting websites have really old and outdated information regarding the no follow tag, or in a lot of cases they are just crappy multi-level marketing scheme sites.

After doing some of my own research I came up with this great list of friendly blogs for Design Professionals. These are quality sites and I have personally used the content to benefit my own research as a marketer and web designer. Each Blog included here is chock full of quality content from around the world. I find that commenting on blogs to improve page rank and link building can be very useful for an up and coming website, but it must be a strategic process and not sporadic and without care on behalf of the commenter.

Please be sure not to abuse this list as it could lead to permanent changes in one of these do follow blogs structure. Make sure to comment wisely on these blogs and only include comments on blogs that you feel relevant to your field of expertise.

Why WordPress Is the Answer for Low Cost Web Design

1. WordPress is FREE… or very inexpensive

Before we start, to save any confusion, there are two versions of WordPress – and both are free.WordPress.com is a hosted version. It’s a great introduction to the WordPress platform and ideal for running basic websites, though it has its limitations. However, it’s completely free to use – you simply go to the WordPress dotcom website and sign up. You’ll get a domain name like mysite dot WordPress dot com so the only cost involved is if you want to buy your own domain.

However, once you’ve got your head around the hosted version you might find yourself wanting more… and this is where the.org, self-hosted version comes into play.The software is still free but you will need to purchase some webspace to host it on, which costs anything from about £30 upwards, and a domain name, which is just a few pounds a year for a.co.uk. You’ll also have to install the software (though many web hosts will do that for you). But in terms of monetary costs, that’s it.

2. WordPress grows with you

For most people, their first experience of WordPress is the.com version. It’s easy to access and use. There’s no complicated installation or backing up to do, your site is saved across several servers and the software upgrades automatically. It will even automatically sort genuine comments from the spam! Adding pages, posts and changing content is easy too, though the dashboard can take a bit of getting used to. There are limitations on what you can do with it though. There are only about a hundred templates, you can’t edit or customise them, you can’t add plugins etc. But it is easy to get started, especially if you don’t want to get your hands dirty!

You might be happy with the hosted version, but once you’ve found your way around WordPress you may want to do more with it, and this is when people switch to the.org version. This version has thousands of themes available, both free and premium, and you can edit the code on which your site is built to make it unique. You can transfer your existing.com site across so you don’t lose the content, and it uses the same user-friendly dashboard. You have to be far more pro-active though – you need to install plugins to do many of the things the.com version did automatically. But with tens of thousands of plugins available, rather than using a “one size fits all” solution you can find the one that works perfectly for you and your site. As you understand more about how WordPress works, you’ll find yourself delving into the code to change everything about your site, from the fonts and colours to the way each individual page displays. It’s not always straightforward, and it can be downright frustrating, but look on it as a journey of discovery, with the perfect website waiting at the end!

3. WordPress can be a team project

The trouble with web design software such as DreamWeaver and WebPlus is that it is installed locally, on one computer. Fine if only one person is responsible for the website, but not so good if you are working collaboratively or you want to be able to update your website from home and the PC is at work. Because WordPress is web-based, you can access it wherever you are, and you can set up multiple accounts so other members of your team can edit it too. You can set different levels of access so people can only edit their own posts, or can edit, add and change all the content but not get at the theme files. There are even plugins available that let you set different actions for every single person who can access your site.

4. WordPress isn’t just about blogging

Though WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform, it’s become a lot more now and is often used as a content management system. Rather than having a website and separate blog, you can integrate them into one site. You can create static pages as well as blog-style ones, add contact forms, forums, gallery, directories and more. You don’t even have to use posts at all, and there are templates available that will make your site look absolutely nothing like a blog!

5. WordPress has lots of support

Ever bought some software, come across a problem and not been able to find the solution? Frustrating, isn’t it! The great thing about WordPress is that there is a lot of support out there. The official sites – both.com and.org – have detailed documentation on every aspect and very active forums where you can ask questions. You’ll also find that lots of the themes and plugins have their own support communities too. If you get stuck, just Google the problem and the chances are the answer will be out there!

Hire a Real Estate Web Designer From a Real Estate Web Designing Company

Real is such intrinsic part in recent times due to increasing demand of on-line services of properties for sale, buy or mortgage that have never bounced back with undying velour. Dealing with property is very intense matter and nowadays wide range of properties are introduced everyday and real agents are those serving finest negotiation for demanded prime properties for all mediums. Providing services on-line is technologically booming and need immense development to pace up with rivals in the field of real.

Real web designer are essential to seek to have an effective and efficient website building that enables millions of visitors to approach the web page and acquire appropriate information for services offered. It is not just the matter of web it stands for the well planned and systematically defined approach for search engine optimized real web. This feature enable to real web page to appear in top ranking of search engine to get to know the basic functioning via expert professional real web from real web designing company.

Wide range of services is offered on hire real web via hire real company. These services are so refined that allow the website of real agent to be build in way to be seek by maximum of the visitors smoothly and experts assistance assured. Certain beneficial services of hire real company are mentioned as follows:

Search engine friendly real web is a function that allows the business website to be in package of top ranking in search via visitors without traffic flood and have smoother access. Real rovides huge deals that demands convenient access and easy approach that is made easier via hire real company. As the existing competition on search on website such as Google, Bing and yahoo is fierce.

Real business blogging is services provide by real ompany for real usiness to promote the services and functioning of real business in systematic manner designed via professional experts of real web designing company to allow you to be known to the maximum of the visitors and get beneficial converting contracts with attractive and defined featured web development via real business blogging. To standing best top rankers in real business blogging to carry elite business demand professional services to demonstrate well about your real business and services that is possible via hire real estate web designer from real web designing company.

Customer care services are offered for the convenient approach for the development of real business that enables varied services featured:

1.Answer customer emails and calls
2.Ecommerce customer care
3.Help desk customer care
4.Real ppointment setting staff and live answering
5.Towing business live answering and dispatching services
6.Cab business live answering and dispatching services

Live answering services, this feature is absolutely a working successive key for your realusiness development that enables you to provide your client timely beneficial and satisfactory expert assistance on call. Live answering services offers quality assistance to the client base 24×7 including holidays for your real estate business. Either you are starter for the real estate business development or want to cut down your reception staff cost live answering call is best solution to acquire via hire real estate web designing company.

CMS Web Design Solutions – Joomla Or WordPress?

These days there are so many factors to have a look at when it comes to a perfect web design solution for your business. From look and feel all the way to practicality, implementing and maintaining your website. This is where a CMS (Content Management System) is very useful to meet all these prerequisites.

A CMS web design solution will make anyone’s life easier whether you are a beginner or novice when it comes to creating a web site and maintaining it. And to make it even more sufficient these CMS platforms comes with loads of plugins, including plugins to better SEO and so many more features.

The two CMS platforms I myself use and specialise in is WordPress and Joomla. Below I will go in a little more detail on each of these CMS web design solutions, laying out there benefits and most important features.


Joomla CMS is specialised for easy management of many different type of content in many different positions on a website whilst making it all look good and perform fast. When it comes to a blog it would be best to run Joomla with a WordPress installing on the same domain and sharing the same MySQL database.

Joomla Pros

Installation size on server is roughly 30MB and with working Template and site results to about 100MB
Friendly for all different users including Developers, Designers and Administrators
Huge resource based community for support and help with developing websites
Is growing rapidly and improving itself for over more than 3 years now

Joomla Cons

Still lacks when it comes to user friendliness for the novice to average computer user
Not best CMS when it comes to blogging
Does not work well on linux server not SuPHP enabled


This is the best solution for bloggers and blogging websites and as you know Google loves blogs. With the latest WordPress 3 and a WordPress 3 template you also have multiple menu positions and layouts as Joomla and one can create a web site with a static home page and much more.

WordPress Pros

Very simple to use as it is right out of the box with no modifications
Best for blogging or sharing your experiences and thoughts in a sequential matter
Even the most non computer friendly users can get the hang of it quick and easy

WordPress Cons

Not developer friendly
Upgrades can bring more bugs and incompatibility issues with other plugins than fixes
For some reason the WordPress community complains the most

So in conclusion whether using WordPress or Joomla it depends what your specific needs are, but I would suggest using them both together for best long term ROI and ensuring great rankings in Google and other search engines.

Blog Pages As An Essential Part Of Good Web Design

Good web design should not only appeal to the aesthetic. More importantly, it should appeal to the hearts and minds of your users. Their needs, wants, feelings and delights are what matter and your web design should be able to satisfy all these desires after a great user experience with your website.

With the advent of the Internet, almost all business transactions are done online. Ecommerce, online shopping, online clubs and memberships and even virtual meetings and seminars are fast becoming standards for doing business. Effective communication had to be established between people on opposite sides of the globe. The website is now a must for every business and blogging is a great way of building meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues.

As a business owner, it is important to always be aware of trends in terms of how customers want to communicate and how competitors do it. Your blog page, therefore, must not only contain words and sentences just to fill up the page but must have useful features like the following:

Quality Content.

You must prove to your readers that you are an expert in your field so that they will be convinced to do business with you. Blogs that you publish must be of the highest quality by containing relevant and fresh information and adhering to the standards of good grammar and spelling. Unintentional typographical errors are forgivable but glaring grammatical errors are blunders of copywriting. For effective SEO, information and keywords you use must be related to your line of business and your keyword density must have a ratio of 1 keyword or keyword phrase for every 100 words.

Regularity of Blog Posts

Posting of blogs in your website must be done regularly so that your readers will always learn something new about your business and your products. Regular blog posting also promotes your expertise and solidifies their trust in you as a supplier of their needs. To further enhance your SEO with search engines, blogs that you intend to post in other websites should contain back links that can direct your readers back to your website.

Comments Portion

At the end of your blog, encourage your readers to give their comments by providing a specific space for this purpose. Comments of readers serve as a feedback mechanism so that you will be able to know what readers like or dislike. Some readers may even be able to contribute suggestions to improve your products and services.