The Key Elements Of A Nonprofit Web Design

For a humanitarian organization to generate donations and encourage everyone to pay a visit, it is very important to create a website which has an effective and a creative nonprofit web design.

With today’s modern society, almost everything is possible specifically when it comes to the growing number of possibilities in the virtual community. However, the best thing about having the internet is the long list of advantages it brings that is why creating a nonprofit website is helpful.

Below is a list of the key elements of an effective nonprofit web design.

1. A Button For Web Donations

One of the most important elements of a nonprofit web design is a donate button. Every nonprofit organization is in need of donations to continue with its cause. There are donors who give cash to nonprofit organizations, while others prefer to lend a hand by giving in kind donations such as foods, school or office supplies, clothes, and even services. No matter what type of donation donors give, it is very important to note that a donate button must be placed in a certain area where visitors can see it easily.

2. A Blog Section

Another important element to consider is a section where articles and stories can be posted. A blog section is one of the factors that can keep everyone informed of the latest events that the organization had done recently. Just remember to keep the blog section updated. It is also a helpful idea to include photos along with every blog post.

3. Video Stories

Aside from the blog section, donors and volunteers will be encouraged to lend a hand if nonprofit organizations will post video stories on their website. Interviews with the volunteers and donors are a helpful way of encouraging more people to lend a hand. In addition, it will be more helpful to include interviews with the organization’s recipients. Videos and other documentaries are pretty helpful in promoting the organization online.

4. A Call-to-Action Page

Every nonprofit website should have a call-to-action page where people may be able to know what the organization is up to.

5. Be Media-Friendly

Nonprofit website surely needs the help of the media to be able to reach out to a wider audience more effectively. With this, a nonprofit web design must have a downloadable media kit available on the site so that the press and bloggers can easily get the needed information about the organization.

6. Be Updated

Nonprofit organization should always keep everyone updated with its activities and mission. In order to do this, the site must encourage visitors to register online. Donors, volunteers, and the site’s users must be provided with a weekly newsletter via email. With this, everyone will be kept informed of the latest activities of the organization itself.