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Rather than information variation from one encounter to the other, big data is used to refer to ways through which information of an individual is captured, analyzed, stored and retrieved in Amazon. in order to explain the after collection of data by Amazon, the government, uses different technologies, this is because a lot of information may be gathered but only the important one will be considered appropriate.

Since the primary source of big data is internet , therefore no time soon will this come to an end, in fact, significant data technology will keep on growing since millions of people keep accessing the internet on daily basis, therefore there will always be information to capture and analyze. Significant data analysis method has made Amazon be among the very best and successful e-commercial websites we have around.

The speed at which the data is created, analyzed, stored and retrieved which is also known as velocity has dramatically reduced, since previously batch processing was used to update databases mostly done weekly or at night, but while using big data this is done on real-time basis.

Since the data generated nowadays is very different from the one that was being made a few years ago, nowadays most organization create data that is not only complicated structured data but also semi, structured data, and even structured data, unlike in the past where most organization just generated structured data. Due to the presence of complex and semi-structured data which was not common in the past it becomes essential to adopt big data since this work will be done with ease and very fast. since Amazon uses data to analyze information and maybe be able to determine the closest warehouse to the customer or a seller, analytical software is essential since they help to formulate delivery routes and schedules.

maximizing of profits is a vital factor when costing for benefits, in order to do this for adverts Amazon finds adverts that will interest the customer on what they need and will be placed in front of them, to achieve this they usually makes predictions about, the sites likely for you to visit or buy products from. Due to the fact that Amazon big data depends highly on internet site visit, it’s able to optimize on price of a product, by using data analytics its ready to know when to reduce sales of a given product to make more purchases, in fact, amount of a product can change more than five times in a day.

ringba software for real-time call tracking may be considered by anyone doing marketing using calls this will give you immediate feedback. Customers can be used by one to improve the product of a particular product since they are the user before joining Amazon.

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